Treesuit First Strike Ration Review

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Treesuit First Strike Ration Review

Post by PanzerDivision666 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:14 am

Praise Jesus, Slayer, and John Moses Browning.
I got me a new girlfriend, and I've got her hooked on shooting. My Valentine's Day present to her will be her very own concealed carry permit and I'm looking to get her her own 1911.

This might be love.

So it's Saturday, and I'm snuggling with her watching " Sniper: Inside The Crosshairs" when the munchies come calling me in a serious way.
So I open up a Beef Stew MRE, and grab that FSR outta the ruck.
I kinda just pour out all of the contents onto the bed and I start to open up the best stuff, because if you want your honey to like field rations, you gotta go for the throat, and break out the good #$%. Am I right, or am I right?

Damn right.

I open up the Honey BBQ Pocket Sandwich, which I have never had.
I peeled that pouch open and was highly pleased, the smell was great. I'm salivating before I can even get it out of it's wrapper. I break it in two and give her half. I let her taste it first. She does." This is really #$%^in' yummy" she says.
I take a big bite out of mine and chew on it. I really liked the texture. The bread wasn't as compressed as Wheat Snack Bread and by itself would be really good on it's own or warmed up and filled with jam and peanut butter. The filling was flavorful, and while I have read on here some people finding the sandwiches to be a bit dry mine was nice and moist and had a nice consistancy to it.

By far, my favorite part of the meal and hers as well.
I ate the Cheese Spread and Crackers.
She loves the crackers and said the cheese is okay, but said it tasted buttery. Which I found odd. Really fresh cheese preferably chilled tastes to me like Cheeze Whiz. I never thought it had a butter taste to it.

We then ate the apple sauce with raspberry purree.
Simply marvelous. She took one bite and swiped the whole pack. Damn.
The two spoonfuls I had were awesome, though.

She didn't like the First Strike Bar. I like 'em just fine but they should look into making them just a tad bit firmer. And they don't taste like Apples or Cinnamon. They taste like pumpkin pie.No complaints from me just an observation.

I ate the entire Peanut Butter Dessert Bar in direct retaliation for having my applesauce hijacked.
I hated it. The texture was weird like taffy with peanuts in it, and I felt strangely like I was eating peanut flavored plastique.
Dear Natick, deepsix that shit and please either throw in another FSR bar for us grunts, or maybe a pack of M&Ms.

The chocolate covered coffee beans were a big hit, I made MRE coffee and we had them with it.
Last but not least, I had a spare Almond Poppyseed Poundcake as the clincher.
Her favorite dessert item. She marveled at the aroma and the flavor.
She now keeps an MRE in her carry-along in case she's on the go and needs a solid meal.

Overall it was a success.
Very filling and saves on weight and bulk. Well worth the cash spent .
The FSR is good eatin' on the go at it's finest and it's pretty well thought out. I wish I had about twelve of these bastards to put in my long range extended mission loadout. The savings in weight means a lot, even if the nutrition isn't all there in the long-term. But running high-tempo operations where you are constantly moving and engaging or running a long range recon mission it seems to me lighter is better. Leaves room for more ammo :D

Carry On.

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Re: Treesuit First Strike Ration Review

Post by Treesuit » Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:56 pm


Thanks for the review and good feedback. I wish I could have received a review from your girlfriend since we here on the forum rarely, if at all, get anything from the ladies.

The FSR power bars and dessert bars are really hit an miss with people. I guess you either like 'em or not. I've tried the power bars and I think they taste like sawdust covered in chocolate. In some of the FSIR's I've thrown in commerical brands to see if there is a difference and if some people like this over that. Not to mention variety.

Lastly, I always have more if you or your significant other would like some. :D

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Re: Treesuit First Strike Ration Review

Post by pikkuhukka » Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:56 pm

Id love to buy those things also but treesuit hasnt yet answered to mah PM ^^

wakey wakey:)

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Re: Treesuit First Strike Ration Review

Post by tommytrauma » Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:38 pm

Panzer, I hope you don't mind my chiming in on your thread rather than starting a duplicate.

Treesuit was kind enough to set me up with a couple of FSRs last spring. Unfortunately, an illness / death in the family and resulting estate issues absorbed all of my attention before I could give them a try.

I opened one last week, and am keeping the other in my BOB. I started with the meat snack, which I expected to be essentially like Jack Links jerky. It was a bit more tender, dense and flavorful. Like it better than commercial jerky. Went on to tuna and mayo in tortillias. I'd been picturing those little mayo condiment packages, but the mayo pack was almost like the cheese pack in size. Mixed with the tuna, it made a perfectally acceptable tuna salad filling. Nothing earth shattering, but a perfectly functional quick entree. had the FS energy bar for dessert - basically a chocolate hooah bar, quite tasty. The mixed nut snack I chowed on later was a bit disappointing, tasing a bit stale. The two nut bars made a great snack the next day. Not sure how to describe them, but they were tasty.

I still have my apple sauce, sammich and a couple odds and ends to go through. Overall though, I'm extremely happy with Treesuit's rendetion of the FSR. He was great to communicate with, and I'm planning on picking up more from him as long as he continues to put them together.

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Re: Treesuit First Strike Ration Review

Post by Treesuit » Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:32 pm

Tommy trauma,

Good to hear from another satisfied customer. I'm happy you finally got to try the FSIR and give it your approval, I'm still making them and if you want more just e-mail me. If you have been looking around on the forum I do have a new ration line out right now that you can try as well. So far I've only had three people here purchase the new M.O.R.E. ration modules, but so far they are starting to gain acceptance. You an roll the dice and try a module if you like. :wink:

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