2005 Cheese and Veggie Omelet MRE Review

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2005 Cheese and Veggie Omelet MRE Review

Post by SentientTootsieRoll » Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:47 pm

For dinner today I decided to experiment and try an MRE I've never had before. This is a Cheese and Veggie Omelet packed in 2005 by The Wornick Company. All I know about this MRE is that it is regarded as one of the worst ever produced. Oddly enough, they produced a Ham and Omelet MRE for a few years in the early 1990s, took it out and then they brought a veggie omelet back in 2005 until it was discontinued after 2008. It's definitely a unique menu so I looked forward to trying it out.
Here are the components laid out on a tray. This ration includes cheese omelet with vegetables, hashbrowns with bacon, crackers, strawberry toaster pastry, cinnamon imperials, strawberry jam, and an accessory packet.
Here were the omelet and hashbrowns in their retort pouches. Rather than rely on the flameless ration heater I opted to place these in boiling water for 10 minutes instead.
Here's what was included in the accessory packet.
And here's the entirety of the ration ready to eat!
For those who are curious, here are some closeups of the omelet.
Wow, what a strange contraption of an MRE item. The texture of the omelet is exactly what it looks like. It was a firm block of cheese and egg. It really didn't smell or taste much like egg, more like cheese spread with a bit of plastic and vegetables added. A few bites in, I thought it was edible enough but just barely. In the middle of the omelet, I noticed bits of egg yolk and those made my tongue really numb and sour. I suppose that part of the omelet didn't quite make it. In spite of its odd taste and texture, it did fill me up pretty quickly. I wasn't able to finish it.

The hasbrowns and bacon we pretty tasty. The bits of hashbrowns were fairly solid and the bacon added a nice smoky flavor to it. It was also a bit greasy but all the flavor was there. The strawberry toaser pastry was just like a pop tart with a cheap, artificial strawberry filling. It was very sweet with a nice grainy wheat flavor. The crackers and strawberry jam still perfectly edible as well. I finished this off by eating the cinnamon imperials (what a strange name for a candy) and the apple cider. The cinnamon imperials were sweet and spicy and reminded me of those atomic fireball candies.

Call me anything you want but ultimately, I'd like to see them bring an improved version of this menu back. If they can do a shelf stable pepperoni pizza, I'm sure they can figure this out too.

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Re: 2005 Cheese and Veggie Omelet MRE Review

Post by parafireboy » Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:31 am

Good review! I actually didn’t mind that entree back in the day, as long as I had some salt to put on it. It would indeed be interesting to see what Natick could do on a modern rendition of this entree.

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: 2005 Cheese and Veggie Omelet MRE Review

Post by housil » Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:54 am

It was a firm block of cheese and egg
like the T-18 egg dishes.

When I ate it for the first time, I liked that omelet - but only the first one.... :|
What I really like are the hashbrown side that came with it.

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