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MRE Menu #9 Beef Stew Insp. Date 2020

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:51 am
by Austrokraftwerk
Hi, this is a short review of my first foreign MRE. This is also my first post here :)
I never tasted before a US MRE. But I have seen a lot of videos before on Youtube.
Sorry for my english, I am from Austria so my grammar is not always the best ;)
I did not make any photos because i think it is not rare and you can get this MRE new from ebay very cheap. Sorry for that.

What was in there?
Beef Stew
Snack Bread
Fruit Punch drink powder
Apple Jelly
Peanut Butter
Coffee with sugar and creamer
Chewing Gum
Hot sauce
Apple cake

The beef stew was okay, it tastes just like canned Goulash. Not my favourite.
These pretzels are actually just salty sticks. Pretzels shaped like this: But anyway, they tasted good.
The snack bread was not so good on its own, it had a stange flavour. It was a lot better with a spead on it.
The fruit punch drink had a very artificial taste and it was way to sweet. I did not like it.
The apple jelly was very strange for me. I never had anything like that. It was okay, but not my favourite. I did not like the texture of the jelly.
One of the best things in this MRE is the peanut butter, because in Austria we do not have something like this. Here people only eat nutella and jam. The peanut butter was very smooth and tasted amazing! :)
The coffee was "okay". For my taste it is too weak. I like my coffee very strong.
The Chewing Gum was another surprise for me, because it had a cinnamon taste. Cinnamon gum is very rare here and so I liked it a lot. My favourite gum! :mrgreen:
The hot sauce does not disappoint. It is really hot! I could not eat it, way too hot for me. :oops:
And the best thing at the end of this review: the Apple Cake. It tasted very fresh and juicy. Great cinnamon flavour and it reminds me of christmas. :lol:

A comment on the accessories: the spoon seems pretty durable and good quality. The heating pack was also working very well and it was steaming a lot.

So over all, what do I think of this MRE? It was not bad, had some great contents and some not so good things.
I give 5 out of 10 points for this MRE.

Re: MRE Menu #9 Beef Stew Insp. Date 2020

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 3:15 pm
by Sgt Roop
Austria huh... I bet you think mayonnaise is to spicy :mrgreen:

Re: MRE Menu #9 Beef Stew Insp. Date 2020

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:44 pm
by MRECivvy
I liked the beef stew. Tasted like Dinty Moore stuff to me. I ate stuff like that all the time my freshman year of college.

Re: MRE Menu #9 Beef Stew Insp. Date 2020

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:48 am
by RockyRaab
I long ago called it the "Dinty MRE" as a pun. It is identical to a canned beef stew product from the Dinty Moore company here in the US, and it's very popular. That's why it is one MRE menu that has been in the lineup since the very beginning and will likely never be taken off the list.

It is fascinating to see how different cultures have very different palates. What an Austrian considers too spicy to eat would be baby food in Thailand! Japanese like slimy foods that Americans would abhor. That's just two examples.

Re: MRE Menu #9 Beef Stew Insp. Date 2020

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:29 am
by parafireboy
Good review. I always like hearing how people in other countries feel about our MREs. We so tend to be way too sweet in our flavors, and tend to over-color the beverages so they look like they came from Chernobyl’s core.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this menu!