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My intro to MRE’s and ongoing fascination

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:58 pm
by sween1911
In 2002, two friends and I rented an RV and drove from the Philadelphia area to Punxsutawney PA to experience the real Groundog Day event. It was... cold. A friend at work was in the reserves and had given me a case of MRE’s to take with us. These were the dark green colored packages I’m guessing mid to late 90’s. One of the highlights of the trip was riding shotgun in the RV while my friend drove, I had cracked open a porkchop patty thing from one of the meals and was chowing away. He looked over and yelled “WHERE DID YOU GET A PORKCHOP?!”

Recently, I picked up a case on ebay (I think I even consulted this site to find them) Newer US production, SOPAKCO, tan bags, DOD seal. My kids love to crack them open and see what’s inside. I took one to work for lunch on Friday, meal 15 Mexican Style chicken stew. This might have had the fabled M&M’s in it, but I think my kids swiped them. A guy I work with who was in the Marines saw me eating then and was like “Hey! MRE’s!” Was looking up some stuff online, found Steve1989’s youtube channel and followed my nose to this forum. Still reading and getting the lay of the land, but lots of great info here! Thanks.

Re: My intro to MRE’s and ongoing fascination

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:10 pm
by WorkmanMRE
Welcome to the forum! My family calls MREs "Happy-Meals"! We Found Steve and also found our way! If you want to blow your kids minds, check out the Russian MRE for kids on MRE Mountains sight! It is awesome. Nathans MRE on YouTube reviews it.