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Re: Applesauce Cake TFF

Postby gundog4314 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:50 pm

Applesauce Cake....Not wearing my glasses and saw Apocalypse Cake TFF. I thought a Trans Fat Free Apocalypse Cake...Now that's worth checking out! Still awesome thought. Cheers

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Re: Applesauce Cake TFF

Postby Nighthawk1097 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:25 pm

steve1989 wrote:
Simon2002mre wrote:
Nighthawk1097 wrote:I recently had an Almond poppy seed pound cake from an older MRE, 2012-14, and that was honestly one of the best pound cakes I've had from an MRE.

I never have good luck with those pound cakes! They always go rancid on me, it's gross!

Ya gotta get a non-rancid Almond Poppy seed sometime Simon. Those are fantastic.

Hey guys, one of my favorite menus is a 2010 menu #4 Maple Sausage Patty. That lineup was amazing. Has the Maple Muffin Top, apple butter, the blueberry w/ granola. Total sugar bomb - probably god awful for ya. But a lot of fun. If you ever get a 2010 DoP case A, you're in luck with that and the brisket with that weird 4 grams of trans fat biscuit. :)

But yeah - I am on the hunt for an Applesauce Cake now.

You still on the hunt? I found one pretty fresh, 2015.
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