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Beef Steak With Gravy....and Botulism

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:18 pm
by JT1991
A good day to you all,

As my collection of Vietnam era MCI rations grows, I decided to open up a can of Beef Steak with Gravy from the mid 70's. This particular can had sprung a small leak through a pin hole. Thus prompting my decision to open it.

The beef steak was a little bulged. With latex gloves and a protection mask, I punctured the can with my P-38 can opener. There was a very nice hiss. A few seconds after the hiss, I could smell a somewhat cat food/Spam like scent. Once I had lifted the lid all the way, there was an odor of beef with an overpowering metallic smell. Obviously not at all edible.

The beef steak came in 4 slices. The slices were red. Resembling the color of salami. They were covered in congealed fat and gravy with a touch of black mold. After sitting in a can for 40 some years, the beef was still quite moist.

So concludes this review. Enjoy the pictures. Take care.

- JT1991

Re: Beef Steak With Gravy....and Botulism

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:19 am
by RockyRaab
Doesn't look (or probably smell) much different than when it was new, to be honest. Four lard hockey pucks? Check. Smell and taste like the can? Check. Look like dog food? Check.

The thing about MCIs was that the name was the most appetizing part. That didn't change with many MREs, actually.

Re: Beef Steak With Gravy....and Botulism

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:51 pm
by DangerousDave
Steve would eat it. Just pour a little 91% rubbing alcohol on it, it'll be fine. :roll: