MRE temperature torture test

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MRE temperature torture test

Post by obscurotron » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:24 pm

I decided that once I got in to MRE's, that I wanted to see for myself what kind of temperature torture a USGI MRE could take.

Victim: #19 Roast Beef w/ Vegatables (2004)

Method: Placed in the wife's trunk for 372 days, always parked outside, including a rather nasty spate of hot weather we had for several weeks in June and July (California) with temps >100F.


Entree: Slight darkening in one corner of the "blob" that was the entree. Hard to tell if it was overcooked to start with, or if this was temperature-incuded preservative breakdown.

Side (Mixed fruit): Tasted and looked perfect. Nothing offcolor, nice firm fruit bits.

Crackers: These things will outlive Twinkies. Enough said.

Cheese spread: Severe oil/solid separation, no amount of kneading would re-integrate. Was eaten out of the package, so as not to spill everywhere.

Accessory package: All bits in good order, gum was rock hard (typical), tobasco was intact.

Beverage(Cocoa mix)/FRH: Not used/tested.

Dessert: Creamsicle cookie (I dig these things, wife hates on them) came out just fine. No offcolor/odd odor issues, etc.

We all know it easily gets over 100F insdie a car, even on relatively moderate autumn days. Overall, this MRE performed very well. I'll be restocking each car with addtional MRE's and rotating them out on a yearly basis without worry.

w00t! :)

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