2009 omlette and sausage patty question

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2009 omlette and sausage patty question

Post by hillbilly37 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:21 pm

OK, i bought several pallets of the 2012 MRE's and they are dated half 09/2012 and other half 07/2012.

Problem is, the 09/2012 case A has the Omlette breakfast that i like, but....it doesnt have the hashbrowns and bacon like the older ones do which is what helps make the omlette my favorite

Now the weird thing is the 07/2012 MRE's Case A have the maple sausage patty breakfast in them???

I thought they switched from the omlette to the sausage patty in 2009, but yet the ones made in July 2009 have the sausage and the ones made later in the yr in sept 2009 have gone BACK to the Omlette.....did they go back again or what?

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Re: 2009 omlette and sausage patty question

Post by PanzerDivision666 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:13 pm

probably a production overrun. I think the whole thing sucks, myself.
Bring back the original Ham Omelot, and put the hashbrowns back in,too.
I understand that there are now two breakfast menus, something I always felt was lacking in the ration selection.
Ah, for the good 'ol days.....

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