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Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2005 8:46 pm
by kman
Welcome to the forums! After much prodding from some frequent site visitors (you know who you are), I've added these forums to the web site.

So far, I've just set up three forums:

"General" for general MRE/rations/whatever talk
"MREInfo Site Feedback" for comments and suggestions about the site
"Buy/Sell/Trade" for all your rations needs.

Please note - is just an information site run by a private rations enthusiast - I don't buy or sell rations commercially. I have my own personal collection and am always happy to talk about buying/selling/trading rations with other individuals.

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 2:45 am
Thanks for putting up the forums Kman, it is going to be fun meeting new friends from around the country and world too perhaps!

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 10:40 am
by Martin
At last I got access to the forum..... :D I've tried to e-mail kman several times and always I get the message of failure back and logging in haven't been possible for several months. Anyway, now here I am.

I am living in Sweden and I'm a volunteer in the Swedish military. I have an old Swedish military 4x4 from the 60's that I have been restoring this summer.
I bought six MRE's and have eaten four of them. I really like the Poundcake and the Oatmeal cookie. It's a pity that if you get a hint of bying, the price for each bag is high. They are rare to find too. I've tried contacting US salesmen to order but they don't ship over the Atlantic, trouble with the customs they say. The German version of E-bay have a whole bunch of people selling boxes still with the sealingtape on. The problem is that the price usually stops at 60 Euro for 12 bags (one box)..... It was a great deal of fun trying my first MRE after have been seeing them on TV and film ("Over there" for example). My girlfriend looks a kind of strange when I offer her a taste but I don't mind, plenty for me instead :wink: . You have already seen the Norwegian style of rations on the forum. The one that you only add boiling water (Drytech). They too are really expensive to buy in the shops dealing Outdoor equipment but have replaced the old Swedish rations (cans). I've seen on the Swedish militarys homepage that Swedish MOT's (Mobile Observation Team) i Afghanistan have US MRE's on patrol. Anyway, I'm looking forward visiting this forum further on. Bye for now! /Martin 8)