Need help ID'ing fake MRE

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Need help ID'ing fake MRE

Post by cpd2008 » Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:56 pm

This is my first post here, with many more to come. I never had an MRE before, and thus, I am interested in them.

I was looking at the Civilian MRE page here, and read the note about the fake/homemade MREs being sold online. Im interested in this particular image of one of these fake MREs:


This particular fake MRE appears to have been made by a small company as there is a brown bag in the picture. I can only make out "Meatloaf w/Gravy", "MENU 4" and 'A complete meal, Ready-to-eat." At the bottom of that bag is what appears to be the packagers logo.

Anyone know who makes this fake/homemade MRE?

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Post by kman » Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:23 pm

Welcome to the forums, cpd2008!

I'm pretty sure those are the MREs that were sold by They're still selling their own versions of MREs, but the pics look a bit different:


It's not so much that there's anything wrong with these knock-off or "junk" MREs. It's just that the price is close to the price of real civilian MREs and yet the assortment of food and the amount of food is much less. I'd buy a case of these for $30, maybe $35, but not much more.

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