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Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2005 7:17 pm
by Hell Devil
I sent a lady at Sopakco an email suggesting that they very the beverages, spreads, and desserts in their MREs (because they put the same flavor or type in all 12 meals) and she responded the next day with the following:
"Thank you for your comments.
We do try to offer a little variety in our cases although sometimes it is not an option.
We work with what the military is using at the time and they do not get a very big variety.
There are some basics that we use constantly and as much as we would like to change there isn't really a different choice to use.
Occasionally we use wheat bread instead of crackers, apple instead of grape spread - sometimes even strawberry, as for the beverage powder we use grape, orange, cherry and lime, dessert can range from chocolate chip cookies, cookies with M&Ms, pound cake and oatmeal bars.
I will let them know what your comments were and see if we could possible mix it up a little."

Probably won't do much good, but whatever.

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 7:20 am
by aquarius
Hi C Rat senthousiastics!

This is my first posting to this wondefull site. I am a Dutchman, so please forgive me my funny English.

I've been eating military rations occaisionally since 1978, when I joined the Dutch Air Force. C Rats were very rare in those days, and they still are.
I do not eat rations because they are well tasting, but because I am to lazy to cook myself a decent meal, especially when working or being outdoors.
My first 'MRE Experience' was in the late Eighties. Most MRE items were well tasting compared to the stuff I was used to (Dutch, German and old US rations). Since then quality has been improved!
The funiest MRE I encountered was the one which warned Flying Personel that the main entree contained beans!
The worst MRE was the one that was rotten. The pouch was complete vacumised and the contenst smelled like a rotten corps. It made me almost vomit.

Most MRE items taste very good, especially the chicken and the beef items. The Pasta Alfredo and other Vegetarian like meals are to be avoided.

Unfortunately it is almost impossible for me to get fresh MRE's for a reasonable price, and the additional shipping would destroy my bank account.

Stay safe & greeitngs from Holland!

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2005 8:33 pm
by kman
Hi aquarius - welcome to the forums!

Have you tried finding MREs on the german ebay? I look there occasionally and the prices seem to be pretty reasonable compared to prices in the US - usually around 40 euros per case...sometimes less. I'm not sure about shipping, but I'll bet it's a lot less going from Germany to Holland than what I've seen for shipping from Germany to the US. :-)

Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2005 1:16 am
by jndallas
I got my first MRE at a gun show in Dallas back in 1993/94ish. The dude selling them told me all these great stories about them, and how soldiers eat them everyday and blah blah blah. He was truly excited about it. SO I bought one so he would quit asking everytime I went by his table. I got the chicken and rice (I belive) and it was $3. I got home, ripped it open and damn, he was right. Just sort of used them off and on ever since. Kinda lost interest after that. I got into cycling back in Feb of 04. Found a bike tour called the Red River Challenge (, it was a 150 mile bicycle tour from Plano, Texas to Ardmore, OK to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. I thought 150 miles? 2 days? On a bike? For charity? What the hell. I am not big in the charity world because I belive everyone who works for one of these places should work for free. And money is so easily placed in the wrong places, like the bigwigs pockets. But Anyways, I raised $1500 and I was off on my big bike ride. Well, come to find out, Subway was a sponsor, so I was excited to get to the lunch stop on the first day. Only to find they had sara lee hotdog buns and hormel sandwich meat. A far cry from Subway. That night Bennigins was suppose to do the supper, and it was not their signature food, granted we had all the free booze and beer we wanted. Hooters too was a sponsor and they gave us a slab of chicken that was cold, it sucked and I figured out, man has to bring the food he wants. I nearly starved that weekend, and I realized I needed to locate some MRE's for this years tour. SO I will be eating like a king while those other pukes are choking down God only knows what!

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2005 1:19 pm
by aquarius
kman, thanx for your remark!
Today I bought 20 fresh British rations on German eBay (which is the equivalent of 60 MRE's). Including postage&handling the price will be 10 euro per 24-hr Ration. This is probably not a bad price for fresh rations.

A few days ago somebody else bought 6 complete US CWR's (A & B menu's) for about 77 euro, excluding p&h.
What do you think of this price??

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2005 11:47 pm
by kman
aquarius, that's not a bad price for the British 24-Hour rations. Did you get an assortment of different rations or are they all the same kind? I picked up a case a while back and they were all of the "D" variety.

As for RCWs, 77 euro is a little high but they're rare enough that maybe it's worth it. I know there's a guy selling RCWs on the US ebay right now for $80 a case - which is crazy if you ask me. I think $40 would be more reasonable. He has 25 cases to sell so I get the feeling he'll be around for a while.

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 7:19 am
by aquarius
[quote="kman"]aquarius, that's not a bad price for the British 24-Hour rations. Did you get an assortment of different rations or are they all the same kind? I picked up a case a while back and they were all of the "D" variety.

Yesterday I drove 500+ km's to pick up the 2 cases with British rations. Each case is indeed packed with the same ration type, but fortunately I was able to mix it with a 3rd type. (Thanx for the info, kman!!)
Now I have 6x C, 7x D, and 7x F type rations, all manufactured in 2002.
"have a nice meal".

Almost an MRE experience

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 5:18 am
by dermeister025
But more canadian heh... Several years ago in my mid teens i came across some IMP's in a nearby city at the army surplus store. I'd heard of MRE's before and these seemed about the closest i was gonna get at the time so i picked up a couple and gave 'em a go. Got the Beans and Wieners and the Lasagne. Both of them were pretty decent eatin as i recall, although i think one was a wee bit out of date as a couple condiments had gone a bit funny. Couldn't have told by the entrees tho, still tasted fine to me and no ill effects... I have to agree with the comments that half the fun of and MRE/IMP is in unpacking it and finding all the little goodies they give ya! So anyway, fast forward to nowadays and i'm gettin back into the outdoors and hiking, backpacking, camping etc. and recently joined the local Search and Rescue group. So through my research into the latest outdoor and survival goodies i stumbled across MRE's on ebay, and a link to this site, and it all brought back memories of plastifoil bagged wieners and beans!

Now, i'm sure there was a point to writing this whole story... aah yes, i plan on picking up some more of these, figure i'll get some IMP's, consumer MRE's, and Military MRE's and see which one fits the bill best. Likely look on ebay and/or some of the suppliers reccomended here. Only concern i have is with the new military MRE's being labeled US government property and not for resale. Kinda worried some customs officer may see that going across the border and put a stop to it, which would leave me out the money and with no MRE's :( . So i'm just wondering if anyone else here has had these shipped from the States to Canada before and whether they've had any trouble with it. I'd definitely appreciate any opinions on the matter. That having been said i just want it to be said i'm quite happy with the amount of information presented on the site and the forums, and i'm glad to have come across it! But just to post-warn ya, i get a bit wordy from time to time lol (just in case ya hadn't noticed by now heh.) Thanks in advance!


Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 10:43 pm
by kman
Hi Ed - welcome to the forums!

I don't think you haven't to worry too much about having MREs shipped from the US to Canada. I haven't done it myself, but Mirage (also on this forum) has and he can probably give you all the advice you need. I can say that I've had Canadian IMPs shipped from Canada to the US and it hasn't been a problem.

As for that warning that the MREs are US Govt. property and aren't for resale...the key word missing there is "commercial" resale. Person-to-person resale appears to be allowed based on the numerous stories I've read from active-duty soldiers (some of them on this board).

Good luck!

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 8:26 pm
Man, this thread needs to go into the Hall of Fame, lots o replies!